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Aquazzura Fall-Winter 2017Aquazzura’s fall-winter 2017 collection arrives

Italian shoe brand Aquazzura turns up the glam factor for its fall-winter 2017 collection. Designer Edgardo Osorio focuses on the season’s hottest fabric–velvet–for the new season. From flats to pumps and boots, luxe embellishments stand out. Faux pearls, tassels and metallic stars decorate these elegant shoes.


Aquazzura Powder Puff Velvet Pumps $795Aquazzura Powder Puff Velvet Pumps $795
Turn up the glam factor in a pink pump featuring pompoms at the front with a thin stiletto heel.Aquazzura Forever Marilyn Tassel Velvet Pumps $750Aquazzura Forever Marilyn Tassel Velvet Pumps $750
Adorn with two tassels, this grey pump includes a pointed toe with a cut-out at the sides.
Aquazzura Lou Lou Embellished Block-Heel-Velvet Pumps $850Aquazzura Lou Lou Embellished Block-Heel-Velvet Pumps $850
Channel vintage vibes in this platform pump featuring a towering block heel and pearl embellishments.Aquazzura Cosmic Star-Embellished Velvet Flats $795Aquazzura Cosmic Star-Embellished Velvet Flats $795
Made in dusty-pink velvet, a flat adorned with metallic stars will make any look shine.Aquazzura So Me Velvet Boots $825Aquazzura So Me Velvet Boots $825
Made of rich sapphire blue velvet, this ankle boot features a trendy block heel.

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Best heeled mules for your next night out

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Best heeled mules

Slip-on mules are THE shoe of the moment. Don't let your feet get left behind with our pick of the best to buy right now...

Best mulesBest mulesBest mulesBest mulesBest mules

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Designer Shoes

1. I’ve been in ankle boot shopping mood lately – it’s probably due to the Anniversary sale, which has a few great options (so far I’ve picked up these Vince Camutos – will post photos soon!). My favorite ones that I’ve found so far however, are these Jeffrey Campbell cutout booties.


Jeffrey Campbell

I saw these on a salesperson at Neiman Marcus (which ironically I think doesn’t even carry the brand), and they were so cute that I had to ask her where she got them. The cutouts make them a great spring/fall transition bootie, and these would go so well with a dress or shorts, too. I think the cutout sides and open weave makes them flattering even on shorties like me. Definitely on my list.

2. A fun and fascinating piece about the Gucci family (just check out the title!), via The Guardian – The Gucci Wife and the Hitman.

3. Yet another  interesting piece from The Guardian about not saying sorry for bringing your baby on a plane. What do you think? Before we flew with baby Feather, I honestly thought of making these little goody bags, but ran out time and it completed slipped my mind. He didn’t cry at all except for maybe ten seconds, but those ten seconds felt like ten minutes when we were on a plane!

4. Hermes fans will want to read this article, via Bloomberg – Hermes Heeds The Masses, A Bit. I’ve definitely noticed the increase in production, and even formerly hard to get items seem to be more and more available. Anyone else?

5. This week, I’m reading Hillbilly Elegy, by J.D. Vance. The book describes the childhood and life of J.D., a self proclaimed hillbilly, and his extended family. It tells the tale of his family, and other white working class Americans living in poverty.

Hillbilly Elegy is a fascinating glimpse into a world and culture that I personally knew very little about. It’s at times inspiring and other times quite troubling, and always insightful. A recommended read for anyone interested in American history, politics, or culture.

You can also read a fascinating interview with the author J.D. Vance, via American Conservative – Trump: Tribune of Poor White People.

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Up-and-Coming Fitness Brands to Get You Excited about Working Out

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A few days ago while on vacation, I went for a run at 7:45 a.m.; it was already 80 degrees. By the time I finished an hour later, it was 93. They say your brain is ready to quit before your body is and that’s definitely true so help your brain out with workout wear you’re actually excited about! I have never had a good workout in clothes that I don’t feel comfortable in and now with so many new fitness brands, there is no excuse not to step up my gym game. What’s so great about many of the new brands is that they really do an amazing job at combining fitness with fashion. 

I’ve been running in the shoes pictured above– they’re so cool-looking, the image doesn’t even do them justice – but not only do they look fantastic, they perform fantastically. They’re so breathable you can actually feel the wind getting into your shoes (which when you’re running in 93 degrees is really important!!). I’ve also had great run times every time I’ve run with these. I’ve had zero blisters or any kind of foot pain, and they don’t seem to get smelly or super sweaty (again, because they are breathable). APL’s sneakers were barred from use by the NBA for providing an “undue competitive advantage,” so as far as fashion x function, these are pretty much the ultimate.

Up-and-Coming Fitness Brands to Get You Excited about Working Out

Apparel-wise, if you like bright prints, check out Prismsport. Their pants, which fit true to size, are not only comfortable and easy to move in, but they don’t get smelly or sticky even if you sweat a lot. I love Lululemon but my leggings from them usually end up smelling really bad, really quickly, especially as I wash them more often. For vibrant prints in more subtle colorways, check out Gaiam and Gap Fit, which I’ve already written about. Love them and ditto with them when it comes to wear; they feel great and aren’t stinky. On a side note, Prismsport does a lot of store exclusives which means that unlike your Nike and Lululemon prints, you won’t be wearing prints that many women around you have and Gap Fit has sales all the time on their already very reasonably-priced pieces.

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Be Dior Bags for Cruise 2016 Collection

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Simple yet divine, it’s a no brainer that the Be Dior Flap Bag is a big success. Paving its way to the ‘iconic status’, it got everything that a woman long for.

We have posted numerous of articles about this bag, and we can’t get enough of it. Especially as it comes in so-many nice colors – pink, black/white, in yellow crocodile, in black and golden hardware, ocean blue, deep red, your favorite combination is certainly somewhere in between.

But, before you dive in and settle with a style, we want you to take a look at the Be Dior Cruise 2015 Collection. New shades will be released soon and they are all delightful and gorgeous.

Take the light purple, it blends like ice and water together with silver hardware. It’s super cute and perfect for all season.

How about baby blue? Who can say no to that? It’s also crafted with silver hardware and this piece is not only luxurious but it will attract compliments like a magnet.

Why the Be Dior Flap Bag?

It’s chic, but not that chic to wear on the streets. Fashionable but with an urban spirit. Carry it from the wedding to the streets, to work or the weekends, it’s your everyday companion. For the prices


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Let’s see, which model has been featured on the special release of the Malangeli pumps? Well, for the ad campaign, no other than Mr. Christian louboutin himself was pictured on the table with its newest design for woman.

Presenting to you, the Christian Louboutin Malangeli Pumps, it’s a devilish pair of shoes in the classic black or red color, an attraction magnet if you wear it on the streets.

So where did the inspiration came from?

It’s inspired by the Disney movie ‘Maleficent’, the curled heel and the nude mesh base hint that something sinister is a foot. A shoe with a fairytale story, how wonderful is that?

The Christian Louboutin Malageli Pumps is made in collaboration with Angelina Jolie, the profit from the sales will benefit the SOS Children’s Village, supported by Jolie. The organization provides loving homes to orphaned and abandoned children in 133 countries.

This shoe will only be limited available. Price and availability is still unknown, we will keep you informed.





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