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The DiorAddict is dominating the stories at Bragmybag. It’s because Dior has been inventing and then reinventing this new line rapidly; introducing the tote, WOC and mini accessories. Now you might already know that Dior released the DiorAddict WOC in iconic Cannage Stitching. But for those that want something different, here is the DiorAddict Smooth Leather Clutch. This new smooth clutch bag is slightly different than the Cannage Stitched edition (and it’s not only the leather), let us clarify it.

Dior calls it the DiorAddict Biker Clutch, but we think it resembles to the DiorAddict WOC a lot. First, you might have noticed that it’s made in nice and smooth leather. This leather is actually calfskin, which is durable but soft. You don’t need to baby too much when carrying it, which is a big plus if you’re looking for an everyday bag. While the Cannage Stitched version comes with sliding chain, this DiorAddict Smooth Leather WOC is made with detachable chain and in the ending it’s linked to a leather belt. When the chain is detached, you can use it as en evening clutch bag.

It’s also made with a front flap and the new DiorAddict slot on the front. The sides also feature the newest stiff DIOR charms. The interior is designed with three compartments including one zipped pocket to store your important essentials. There are also two slot pockets as well.

The measurement is 18.5 x 11.5 cm and the chain is 25 cm. The price is ₩1.500.000 WON and it’s now available at your local Dior boutiques.

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Sensi Studio by Ecuadorian Artisans, the Rombos Woven Toquilla Straw Clutch

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Bohemian Inspired Star Mela Arla Beaded Clutch

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Star Mela Arla Clutch

When I first saw the Star Mela Arla Clutch, something immediately caught my eye. Oddly enough, it wasn’t the delicate beading- my eyes were drawn the patterned fabric instead. It reminds me of those floaty, boho-chic tops that are everywhere right now. You don’t see patterns like this on bags very much, but I really like it! But I understand that most people will be more drawn to the bead work on this piece. It is very pretty as well! I love the color combination of coral, turquoise, and bronze. Plus the design reminds me of an elaborate beaded necklace, which makes this piece perfect for adding a little interest to your look and can actually take the place of jewelry.

By now, I hope we are all familiar with Star Mela and this designer’s sense of style. Why do I say that? It is simple, really. Star Mela is famous for its bohemian inspired pieces, which is the epitome of casual summer style. Perhaps that is why I like to feature Star Mela pieces from time to time, especially when I have summer on the brain. If you haven’t seen anything from this designer yet, I highly recommend checking them out. Right now, I am liking the Star Mela Arla Clutch. Maybe you will too!

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The latest accessory to join your wardrobe should, without a doubt, be the classy new Givenchy clutch. This particular minaudière, which acts as a jewelry-piece-cum-evening-purse, is made of soft gold-toned brass and is a complete makeover from regular minaudières with its upright rectangular curvy shape and smooth edges. The metal clutch has a soft leather lining on the inside and though, at first glance it resembles a flask or a gadget case of some sort, we can’t help but be intrigued by its pale luster and stark absence of clutter.


The clutch could definitely be the perfect accessory for an evening soirée or event. The subtly striking color could add glamour and sophistication to your wardrobe and could be paired with almost anything; though a black outfit would be best suited. You can buy the gold brass clutch at Net-A-Porter for $2,600.


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Chanel lovers in the house, represent! Today, we’re featuring another bag that’s really TDF (to die for) in terms of design and quality. The Metal CC Signature Clutch Bag with Chain is really “bringing it” – not to alarm other coveted pieces in the biz, however, we must say that we are quite impressed by this piece.

This black lambskin stunner is beautifully embellished with metal CC signatures that seem to swarm the bag like beautiful stars. I mean, how can you not love this fine piece of leather? Of course, let’s not forget about the silver eyelet detailing which surrounds the edges of the bag. It’s fascinating how Chanel manages to give us so much in single piece. You can never have too much metal with this label.

The neutral color of this piece makes it a suitable companion for many events, since you can easily mix and match it with most of your wardrobe staples. We’re dying to get our hands on this!

You can get your very own Metal CC Signature Clutch Bag with Chain via Chanel boutique.


Chanel Metal CC Signature Clutch Bag with Chain
Style code: A94404
Size: 5.3” x 8.1” x 2.4” inches
Price: $6700 USD; €5450 EUR; £3925 GBP; S$9500 SGD; A$9230 AUD


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