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Surely more than once you’ve had to go running home and he did not give you time to apply makeup. So here we give some simple tips and guides for makeup in the car.

How to do a quick car makeup

One thing is very important, makeup while driving can lead to accidents and will make a mess on your face. Our proposal is a simple makeup you can apply yourself in a few minutes when you have parked your vehicle. Here to discover Dior Beauty CAPTURE TOTALE, the New Multi-Perfection Crème.

Check out some of the best makeup tips for use in the car or on the train. Even if you are in a moving vehicle, thesesimple tips will enable you to create the perfect time to allow you to save time for makeup.

  • Foundation: We recommend that you use a base liquid that you can apply makeup evenly and quickly. Optionally, you can use a little powder foundation to fix it or just with the blusher.
  • Eye shadow: If you like to use shadows, choose those that are claritas. We will give light to the eyes only, no smoked or anything like that. We’re doing a quick makeup.
  • Mascara: No matter mascara you have, it’s how you work the tab. Apply it several times and the tabs are closest to the eye socket pintáis outward instead of upward.
  • Lipstick: Choose one that you like, be it brightness as with color.

If you have a vehicle, not only you will have the typical mirrors where you can see reflected to make this simple and perfect makeup, otherwise you can also easily find a place to store your emergency makeup. Ideally, you can leave the car the four products that we used to clean milk and face (just in case!), so you will always have extra help in your vehicle. Check out also What’s The Ultimate NYE Makeup Look? How to Tips for Gorgeous Smoky Eye.